Monday, April 13, 2015


On Monday, I took Luke to the dentist.  Usually I have a hard time getting him out of the car, so I went a bit early.  He surprised me by getting right out of the car, going in, sitting nicely in the waiting room, going into the exam room when his name was called and hopping right up into the dentist chair!  FIRST TIME EVER that he has had this easy of a time at his check up!  The dentist came in and was shocked.  He took about 10 x-rays and then not wanting to push Luke too far, did a quick cleaning and sent us on our way.  It was lovely!

This week was Luke's Spring Break.  Tim, Todd and Amy were still in school over at Waterford, so I took the week off of work and Luke and I had some fun times.  For exercise, I took him roller blading at the park.  He had fun swinging and playing on the teeter totters.  I took him to two parks.  

The park by our house and the one by Freedom Elementary on Canterbury Lane.

Amy was in a performance of Carnival of the Animals this week.  She had lots and lots of practices.  

Tim and Todd went to Washington DC with six of Tim's Japanese language learning students.

They tours the historical sites, participated in the Japan Bowl, and went to the Japanese Festival.

Mindy, Brielle, and I went to Amy's performance.  She did a fabulous job!

After we came home, we made and decorated sugar cookies with the Choate kids

Brielle and Amy went up to the American Fork Canyon with Brielle's family

Luke and I road on the Front Runner Train to North Salt Lake City and back

Luke LOVED it the first hour and a half

We road for three hours however, and I think that was a bit much!

He was a good sport though!!!

Sample of the yummy cookies