Thursday, June 4, 2015

Todd graduates from Waterford!

Driving to Waterford's graduation early in the morning!

Todd had to be up at Abravanel Hall early so we took advantage to spend some time on Temple Square.  It was perfect, not a lot of crowds that time of the day and we got lots of fun photos.

We stopped in at the Nauvoo Cafe for Breakfast-Creme Brulee French Toast-YUM!

Todd was awarded the Foreign Language Department Award!~  
He is my boy who is most likely to live in Japan some day.
Taken in the foyer of Abravanel Hall
Graduation Day family picture

Cousin John and a few of Todd's friends came to his graduation

Each year, Nancy Heuston, the Headmaster, gives a few special remarks to each student

Grateful we had some time before the graduation to tour Temple Square

Place where we were married 24 years ago!

Grateful for my family!!!

Tim, LaNae, Amy, Luke

We caught a reflection of the temple in this window, pretty neat, huh!

I love to see the temple...!

After graduation, we went out to eat at Chuck-a-Rama

Luke skating

Luke must have had a fun time camping with his Dad because he took his sleeping bag out to the back yard for his own personal camp out!

At 8:00 pm that night, the seniors all boarded this Double Decker tour bus for the "Magical Mystery tour," that lasts . all. night. long!

Got to watch these cuties...


Dropped Luke off at Special Needs Mutual and took them to a park with these fabulous trees.  They played for an hour and a half and then we picked Luke up, went out for ice cream and home to play until their mom and dad came to pick them up.

David's birthday dinner and party

We had yaki-soba and gyoza and played Kahoot-so fun!!!

Had a fun time visiting the BYU Origami and Japan Deco art exhibit

We had ice cream at the BYU Creamery after

Luke LOVES ice cream!

Luke and Tim went camping with the Scouts at Strawberry Reservoir

Todd turned 19 on June 2

At his birthday party we had Oyakudon (his favorite) for dinner

He spent most of the time with his girlfriend, Kayli who also happens to have a birthday on June 2!
What are the chances of that?
She made him this darling cute pillow for his present.

Here are a few fun baby pictures of Todd...