Friday, March 31, 2017

Amy asked to PROM!!!


Amy was asked to PROM!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Brian and Chloe came over for dinner, Emily and Shawn had a baby girl, May and Lincoln came over, Luke had a BIG week!...

We've been finding lots of family names and it is way exciting!

We had a nice visit with Brian and Chloe on Sunday

Emily and Shawn had a baby girl.  They named her Evelyn Kay-cute!

May and Lincoln came over.  May had a little cold and wasn't feeling too well...

Lincoln is growing so fast!

Amy signed up for cosmetology school on Tuesday.  She will attend high school in the morning and cosmetology school the rest of the day until 5:00 pm and hopes to have her license by the time she graduates.  This means she had to do three classes online as well.  That girl is going to be busy this next year!

Talent show

Luke had a HUGE week!  He had speech therapy on Monday, Bowling on Wednesday, he sang, "I Am a Child of God," for the Special Needs Mutual Talent Show on Thursday in English and in Japanese, He had a end-of-season bowling Tournament and party on Friday and he had an all day Volleyball tournament at Skyridge High School on Saturday-whew!

The police department, fire department, and mayor came to the bowling tournament.

Luke got third place!

He had fun bowling this year!

It was a big group of kids!

We went outside afterwards and snapped a few pictures in front of the fire truck.



Then on Saturday, there was a huge volleyball tournament for the whole county

Luke ran through a huge line of cheerleaders, baseball players, ballroom dance team participants, student council members, etc...

Luke did the chicken dance with his coach.

It was an 8:30-2:00 pm event which was a long day for Luke, but he did awesome and had a great time.

It was the first year for Skyridge since they are a brand new school, but they did great!

Cousin mission companions :)