Thursday, July 16, 2015


Hello, family!! I guess this is my first real email home!! I don't have a ton of time to be writing obviously, but here we go!

1. I'm in a three-some! It's actually a super funny story.. So, upon arriving here, they placed me and my companion, Elder Robb, in the native Japanese speaking class, and for about 2 days I thought it was just fine, apparently my listening comprehension is better than I thought it was! But my companion was struggling super hard, so he decided to drop out and go to the standard class. That left me as the only male native level kid, so they switched me to a different advanced class that has been here for a while, but is still leaving this Monday! Unfortunately, the teachers didn't explain that they transferred me to a different advanced class, so my Branch president put me with a standard Elder named Elder Pratt. Soon After, I was made District leader, then they switched me to being in the three-some I am in now with Elder Lewis and Elder Law! So, I was a District Leader, even if it was only for 10 hours. :) I LOVE MY COMPANIONS!! There is seriously nothing I haven't shared with these guys! We're like brothers, and I love it. 

2. The classes are great! Like I said, my Japanese is coming surprisingly well! It's mostly gospel studying at this point, and I love it!

3. I'm leaving at 6:30 am Monday

4. The coolest thing? We're teaching this Japanese investigator who volunteered to help train missionaries, and it is so much fun!!!

5. I still don't know which scripture I like most... I hope I can figure that out later...

A few other things you guys asked about in other emails: The food is great!! I am very excited for Japanese food. I am eating a lot more healthily because I am trying to get back into shape. Dad, you asked if I could read the Japanese you sent, and I am happy to say that I can!! I haven't worn mismatched socks, you're very welcome.  

Tell Luke I miss him.. Pretty much every Elder here knows that I have a younger Brother and Sister who I can hardly live without.. Give him a kiss for me!!!

Well, I'm close to out of time and haven't written everyone yet, so I love you!! My next email will probably be the 27th or something!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Luke worked hard at swimming lessons with Kaylee

Heidi invited us to a surprise 40th birthday party for Ken.  Their kids put on a cute program.

McKenna, Amy, Sophie, and Brielle

Amy is heading off to Girl's Camp this week.  Tim is chaperoning on Monday so I should get some fun pictures!


Fixing Sloppy Joe's for dinner


Getting ready to eat!

Awesome gatherings!

Time with friends!

The girls stayed in cabins.  Tim stayed in this tent!