Monday, January 23, 2017

Luke turns 15...

Luke turned 15 years old! This picture is from the day he was born in Japan

What a sweet boy he is!

Luke is everyone's favorite

He loves to swim, roller blade, and he loves to go sledding

Luke has a great personality and it fun to be around

He is happy about 99 % of the time and his smile is contagious 

He is easy going

Luke loves to blow out candles so we've been trying to do a lot of that this weekend

He loves music and he loves the i-pad

Luke loves his room, but when the house is quiet, he will come out and make spaghetti.
His favorite is thin whole wheat noodles with Kikoman low-sodium soy sauce and extra virgin olive oil

Every year for Luke's birthday, we go to a trampoline/rope swinging place.  Luke used to jump for hours and hours, but he is getting bigger now and is slowing down somewhat. 
But he still likes the trampoline when he gets a chance to jump on it

We are grateful he is ours!

We love you Luke!!!


Luke's Seminary teacher sent this picture and message:

We sang Happy Birthday to Luke today!
On the board we wrote the things we love about him!
We are so glad to have him in our class!
Sister Illum

Brian and Chloe came over and we had fun looking through old photos