Monday, February 9, 2015

Spending time with Grandma Stout...

It's bee a big week here. Uncle Rick has been interviewing and filming Grandma. She's telling stories we've heard many times. She has good days and bad days. Last Sunday when she started doing the interviews was a great day. But she got worn out fast.

February 2nd was Groundhog Day, and Punxsutawney Phil apparently "saw" his shadow--six more weeks of winter--boo! But, it doesn't even feel like winter now. Yesterday it was in the 60s. This week has been beautiful!

Thursday Grandma Shaffer, Nadeen, Susan and Dave came down from Boise. Today Nadeen, Susan and Dave had to leave, but Grandma Shaffer will stay for two weeks. On Friday Glenda came with Kathy and Madison. It's been fun to visit with them each day!

Cousin Mindy came from Arizona.  We are hoping to get Amy and her daughter Paris together this summer.  They are the same age and would have so much fun together!

Grandma Stout told us that the doctor said she doesn't have to brush her teeth any more if she doesn't want to.  Grandma Shaffer who will be 99 years old in August said, "I'm going to brush my teeth still because I'm planning on living a couple more years at least!"-Ha!

Grandma Shaffer shared her big box of 57 chocolate pieces that she got from cousin Bart for Christmas-yum!

Grandma Stout whispered in Amy's ear, "When I see your Grandpa again, I'm going to tell him what a great person you are!"  That is something special she will always remember.

Tim and Uncle Dave

Todd performed two numbers at FNL this year--Your Heart Will Lead You Home with River Tanner, and Forever Young with Clark Brown. Their audience adored them, and sang along during the choruses. Good times!

Today in church Todd was sustained in receiving the Melchizedek priesthood. 

 Amy babysat twins and their baby sister on Saturday.

 Luke went to special Needs Mutual and stayed the whole time.  They have an outstanding music lady and she taught them a bunch of cute Valentines songs. They played Bingo and Luke won the first round.  They gave him a little book about Science for his prize.  He also learned to dance and his buddy played "helium balloons catch" with him.  Next week is a Valentines Dance in Saratoga Springs.  I think he is starting to really like it!  Luke also had swimming lessons this week and he is starting to get the hang of a few stokes.  He sure loves to swim!

Grandma Shaffer with her girls:  Nadeen, Grandma Stout, Glenda, Susan, and Mary Dawn

Grandma Shaffer, Grandma Stout, Glenda, Nadeen, and Grandpa Shaffer

Todd is almost finished with his mission application.  Here is his photo: