Monday, January 5, 2015

HAPPY 2015!!!

Trip to Washington...

We had a nice New Year's Eve.  Todd went to a party, but came home just before the countdown so we were all at home to ring in the new year. The next day, we left for Jared & Taylor's wedding.  We stayed with Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave in Boise.  They have 16 grandkids now.  The oldest is Spencer who was in the MTC at the same time as Brian. They showed us pictures of their trip to Singapore.  They went for almost a month and stayed with Stacy and Chris (their kids). 

We headed back to Boise and stayed the night.  The next day, we got up and went to Grandma Shaffer's for breakfast.  Mary Dawn and Dan, Aunt Nadeen and Uncle Don, Donette, Bart, and Kim Mickelson's families were all there to visit with us.  We had a fun time seeing them and hopefully will be going back for Memorial Day weekend when we go up to Grandpa Stout's grave.
Church starts at 11 am now.  We have to be a bit more with it to get there on time, but made it okay today. Todd filled out all of his mission application except for the Dental exam and his photo.  It is getting close!  He is super excited!
We had a fabulous lesson on the abundant life.  Having an abundant life involves three things suggested by Elder Wirthlin.  1)  Drinking deeply from living waters, 2) Fill our hearts with love, and 3)  Create of our lives a masterpiece.
Happy 2015!  It is going to be a great year!
Love you much!

They ate this horribly tasting fruit called "Durian."  They let us taste some Durian flavored candy.  
I thought it tasted different, but poor Aunt Susan had a terrible reaction to the flavor.  
She feels emotions much more than most people do.  Funny!


he next morning, we got up early and headed to the Columbia River Temple in Washington.  We drove through Oregon for quite while.  It is very beautiful with lots of pine trees. 

The wedding was beautiful and I'm grateful we got to be there.

Jared and Taylor coming out of the temple

This was a couple that Jared taught on his mission when he was in Boise.  They went through the temple and were able to be at Jared & Taylor's wedding.  Very special to have them there!

Billy and Susan's family

Todd with cousins Spencer and Nick who just returned from his mission to Tempe, AZ
 We went to a luncheon at Denny's after with Aunt Susan's parents and her little sister, Emily's family who lives in Spokane, WA.  It was wonderful to visit with them.  Jared and Taylor head back to BYU-Idaho for classes Monday.  They will both graduate in July and then Jared plans to apply for Physical Therapy school in Oklahoma and Taylor will work while he goes to more school. !

Jared and Taylor

The sunset pictures were taken in Washington on our way back-GORGEOUS!!

Visiting relatives in Boise