Thursday, January 14, 2016

Our baby girl is 16!!!

How did his happen so fast?  Our little girl is 16 now!

Amy and Soph

Amy, Rosie, Brielle

Amy in ballet class at Waterford

Amy 5th grade

Amy the day her braces came off!

Birthday cake

Amy skiing with Sophie at Alta

Provo City Center Temple Open House

Mom and Amy

Luke and Amy went sledding at a fun hill hear our house.  It was so nice of Amy to take Luke down the steep hill many many times.  He loved it!  We plan to take him sledding for his birthday...

David came over to attend church with us on Sunday...

Joe took David and Brian for a ride in his monster truck!

David moved to a new place and Tim and I visited him.  
We played UNO and helped him arrange some of his things.

On Monday, Luke and I took amy shopping for her birthday.
Luke found this fun toy in the Disney Store.

We discovered this great massage chair and Luke decided to try it out.

I put a dollar in and it started to give him a massage.  He thought it was pretty funny!