Sunday, February 12, 2017

This week:  
Dental Surgery, Brian and Chloe are going to Japan, Roots Tech, Valentines Day, Emily's Shower...

Last Sunday, we put up the Arizona Rozena Lewis poster my dad made years ago and decided to focus on that line since there is much to be done there.  It was Roots Tech this week.  We didn't get to go, but we did watch President and Sister Nelson's Saturday talk and it was terrific!

Here are a few cute pictures of May and Lincoln

On Monday, Eric and Mindy's kids came over and we had fun playing with them.  We had a fun FHE lesson on (you guessed it)-the Word of Wisdom!

On Tuesday, LaNae had Dental Implant Surgery.  The first day wasn't too bad.  Wednesday I got quite nauseated and sick, on Thursday, my wonderful visiting teacher (Pam) brought over dinner (soup, Caesar salad, and yummy bread-homemade).  It really hit the spot and I felt much better Thursday night and Friday. Then I went to Emily's baby shower and got super dizzy again.  It's been a rough week!

Brian and Chloe had an interview on Tuesday for a summer internship in Tokyo, Japan 
We are so happy for them!  They leave the middle of May!

I made Tim this heart shaped artichoke pizza for Valentines day...and he got me flowers!

So nice!!!

Emily's baby is due in April.  We are so happy for them!

This week, Luke had his evaluation for Speech Therapy, Amy and her friend Sophie took him bowling, and Tim took him to Special Needs Mutual (which was a Valentines Dance).

Amy met a new friend on Friday when she went to get help with her Math class.  She took a Practice ACT test on Saturday, and then Brielle and Zoe came down from Bountiful to say goodbye to Mckaela who is going to China for 4 months.  
They had an ice cream/nail painting party and other fun things.