Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tim's trip to China and the 4th of July weekend...

Tim left for China on June 19th

It was his first time to take students to China

Chinese vase

This is the farmer who discovered the terra-cotta warriors

Terra-cotta Tim!

They went to the Great Wall, hiked about two miles and then took a ride down a slide

They rented bikes and rode around the city

Tiananmen Square

We were sure glad to get him home on the 30th!  He caught a bad cold right at the tail end of the trip, so Amy and I went to Emi Mason's wedding reception at Millennial Falls.  We saw so many friends from Japan (Hymas', Natasha Stout, Ericksons, Eddingtons, Koellings, Bradfords, Millers, etc.).  It was so much fun, but Amy had to get back for Megan Petersen's birthday party.
Luke had swimming lessons with Kaylee at the Legacy Center.  We signed him up for an adaptive swim team this fall.  He will attend swim practice twice a week and will have 3 swim meets.

  Brian and Chloe came down from BYU-I and had dinner with us.  Uncle John and Aunt Gretchen were called on a mission to Tokyo South.  They enter the MTC on July 4.

We took this picture of us with Eric and Mindy's family

With Chloe and Brian

After dinner, we shot off these fun light up rockets that Tim got from China.  They can go pretty high!

We decided to hike the Y for the 4th of July!

Chloe, Brian, and Amy were in the faster group

Tim, Luke and I followed right behind and we all made it to the top!

Tim, LaNae, Luke, Amy and Brian

The views from the top were spectacular!

Love is in the air around here!

Then the fast group headed down and we all met at the Creamery on 9th for ice-cream.  
This was a tradition I think we will definitely keep!

Then we met up with Eric and Mindy at the Highland Glen Lake for an afternoon swim

And a BBQ, then it was off to Thanksgiving Point for the Fireworks Show

Mindy brought glow stick glasses

We lit off a few fireworks that Eric brought while waiting for the show to begin

It was spectacular!

Happy Independence Day!