Friday, May 1, 2015


Mother's Day is this month (May) and I've been thinking about the great mothers in my life.
These are the mothers from my mother's side of the family:

My own mother, Edna Beth Petersen Choate
She served a mission in England, married my father who is from Oklahoma, and has 10 children.  
An amazing mother!

My grandmother, Edna Oyler Petersen

My great grandmother, Elizabeth Caroline Robertson Oyler

My great-great grandmother, Johanna Charlotte Gonlund Robertson

And these are the mothers from my father's side:

My grandmother, Fleeta Stapleton Moritzky Choate

My great-grandmother, Arizona Rozena Lewis

24 roses and two lilies for Mother's Day-beautiful!

For Mother's Day, Tim took me to the Olive garden restaurant for dinner.  
I had salmon and he had seafood Alfredo.  

After dinner, we went to a movie

Sunday morning, my family made breakfast in bed-yum!

Todd played a Mother's Day song on the guitar and the rest sang-beautiful!

A special highlight-Mother's Day call from Brian!!!

Tim planted these in the pot and around the trees-lovely!

They add a splash of color to the front lawn

Mindy and Eric's family, Shana Revell and kids, Emily Orton, and Mindy's cousins came for dinner.  We had roast, salad, rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a tart for desert.

Luke loves cutie pie Lexi Beth!

Jaxon, Josh, Luci Jo, Jett and Lexi Beth gave me two baby chicks for Mother's Day!  
They are adorable and will be laying eggs for us before you know it!