Tuesday, January 5, 2016

We headed back to Utah on New Year's Eve and had a smooth trip going home.

New Year's Day, the men folk got out the homemade Star Wars Risk Game!

We took it over to Rick and Shauna's and played it with the rest of the family

It was a hit!

We picked up Eric and Mindy's kids and brought them over for a sleep over.

Rick and Kelsee went on a date and we got to watch May Kelly!

What a cutie pie!  Luci sang to her...

We made balloon animals with Luke's Christmas present.

Luke loves his new ear phones!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

We had planned to head out for Oklahoma right after Christmas, but there were severe winter storm warnings for New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.  We decided to wait a few days to let the storm pass.  We headed out late Sunday night and arrived Monday night.  It was so much fun to see everyone!

The farm has a huge turkey, a boar, and some goats running around.  

We had Steven and Nancy's name for Christmas this year so we stopped by to say hello as soon as we could.

It was Abby's 15th birthday and we got to celebrate it with her.

Fortunately, we caught David, Amanda, and Tanner before they had to head back to Wisconsin.

Amy spent the night with Aly the first night, and Sariah the second night

Calista was doing a sign language job during the day, but we were able to visit with Jason and then catch Calista at night.

Grandpa teaching his grandchildren how to play the piano

Kaylena loves it!

Luke got reacquainted with his Grandpa Choate

We went over to Billy & Susan's house and had fun catching up with their kids

The sky was a beautiful blue at the ranch

Amy had a fun time with cousins

Never a dull moment

We met little West for the first time.  He was the only one we hadn't met yet.

He's sure a cute kid!!!

LOVED getting to hold him!

Jim and Angie's family came over

It was Paul and Cindy's 16th wedding anniversary!

We went to Linda's house on the way out to see Darrell.  Linda visited with us at the ranch for a few days which was so much fun!