Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Week

Grandma Stout broke her foot in three places.  She was about to fall and so she reached out to brace herself and the force broke her foot and her arthritis is acting up from her head to her toe. It was our turn to help her out (each of the siblings families are taking a week to help-rotating schedule) so for family home evening we took her some dinner.  She was at the doctors office when we arrived (with Wendy), so we cleaned her house while she was gone.  Todd did a great job cleaning the outside windows.  Amy cleaned the front room.  We vacuumed, did dishes, cleaned the bathrooms, took the trash to the big dump area, cleaned the inside windows, and cleaned the  kitchen.  Amy gave a great lesson, and we visited with her for a bit.  I went back on Thursday and she was not doing well at all.  She can't sleep because of the pain.  I did some grocery shopping for her and took David to the store.  We went back the next day for Halloween.  She seemed to be doing a bit better.  The doctor said it should take around 3 months for her to get better.

Luke went to special needs mutual again this week.  We are on a roll now!  It was a dress up Halloween party with several fun activities like crafts and Bingo. He loved it!

Halloween was beautiful, but the next day the temperature dropped and it was cold and windy.  

Mindy and Eric came over so I got a cute picture of Lexi Beth.  Hard to believe she is 6 weeks already!