Monday, April 25, 2016


I caught a cold this week.  It was a bad one, so we mostly stayed in, but did manage to go on a few walks and it is gorgeous outside!  Spring has sprung and the flowering trees are beautiful

Tim caught the cold towards the end of the week.  We went to the doctor and were tested for strep.  It's not strep, just a bad cold

Both of our chickens are laying regularly now so we've been blessed with eggs

On Monday we watched Eric & Mindy's little ones.  Mindy brought dinner which was super nice!

Brian called and reported an awesome first day of spring semester.  
He auditioned for symphonic band and got in!

Rick, Kelsee and baby May Kelly came over so we saw or heard from all our children

It was a great day!

On Thursday, we went to Ogden to attend Natasha Stout's wedding reception.  Luke was singing for us.  He has a fabulous voice

We visited with Brock and Julie Stout.  It's been about 10 years since we saw them last and it was so much fun to catch up, they are two of our dearest friends from Japan days and we are actually related four generations back (their direct great great great grandfather was Allen Joseph who was Hosea Stout's brother).  Julie made Luke's beautiful star baby quilt and had a baby shower for me when he was born 14 years ago.  It was wonderful to see them again!

Todd has been practicing the piano quite a bit and has really excelled--sounds breath taking!

Tim was able to get some really good deals on used computers from Waterford so we bought two and decided to give one to Brian for college work, so we drove to the Utah/Idaho border and met him to hand it off.

It was great to see him again (if only for a few minutes).  He had a great first week of spring term.

Tim and I went to the Loveland Living Planet aquarium which was the location of the Waterford Prom this year.  The upper school kids all looked amazing.  We had a great time seeing the shark tank, the jelly fish, and the penguins.  Dinner was yummy!  Salmon, steamed squash and tomatoes, salad, rolls, melon and some yummy deserts!  Uncle Rick watched Luke for us because Amy was singing in the Alpine Tabernacle and Todd had to work.  So nice of him!