Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Todd's Mission Call Arrived!!!

 On Thursday, April 2nd, Todd's mission call arrived in the mail.  He invited several good friends over, his cousin John, and Aunt Mindy with her kids and nephew, Brigham.  We called Grandpa and Grandma Choate who were in Oklahoma and Todd opened the envelope at around 4:30 pm.  TOKYO, JAPAN entering the MTC on July 8!!!!  SAME mission as his dear cousin John.  Those two have been best buddies over the years and I can't think of anything more perfect for Todd.  He is delighted to say the least!!!

We gave Great-Grandma Shaffer a call (she will be 99 years old in August), and she was tickled pink.  John will enter the MTC on July 1st, and then Todd will come the next week.  Sooooo wonderful!!!

Luke loved seeing his brother so happy!!!

Amy will miss her big brother.  They've become extra close this year  being the only two kids riding with their Dad to Waterford each day.  She is however, looking forward to moving in to his room!

Aunt Mindy gave Rick a call and he was pretty happy to hear the news too.  
Our family has many many close ties to Japan.  
We love that place through and through!!!

John and Todd-TWO Stout Choros in Tokyo Japan!!!

Easter fell on Conference weekend which was extra nice!

This is Rick at 9 months old

Easter came and it was also Conference weekend.  Todd had to work.  They made him manager which came with a raise and added responsibilities.  Tim and Luke wend with Allen and David to Priesthood session.  Amy and I went shopping for an Easter dress.

Easter 2015-Luke

Amy hunting for eggs

The kids found all of the eggs and then they hid half of them again for the Choate kids.

Todd's last Easter with us before he leaves on a mission for two years!

The Choate's came over for lunch and we watched Conference together.  Uncle David arrived just as the second session was starting and he stayed for dinner after.  Conference was fabulous with many inspiring talks on having Christ as your foundation, pressing forward and enduring to the end well, the sanctity of marriage and families, temples as a source of peace, and about the importance of putting the Savior first in your life.  Lots of great things we need to work on to become better!

Lexi and Josh




Luci Jo

Watching Conference

LaNae and Tim

I'm grateful for my Savior who is always at the helm.  He allows me to go through mortal trials and adversity with peace in knowing that if I put my faith and trust in him, all will be well!

Eric and Mindy's family